Beijing and other cities in 4 cities to support the elderly nearly four months only 12 families

For the elderly to the elderly business only to the house mortgage to the insurance company

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Interrupting the number of employees in the old - age insurance to increase the number of people to explain the reasons

Causing some workers to interrupt the pension insurance payment situation

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Fake material through the notary pit father daughter 诓 go father father room

Daughter Wu suddenly to the old Wu for help

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Man 1 month pry 200 graves: almost every night to stay in the cemetery

Lee said he had to go to a dozen cemeteries

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Kim Jong-un to the Chinese Volunteers martyrs cemetery wreaths

To the peace of the South Road, Hukimura County People's Volunteers martyrs cemetery wreaths

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Premier Li Keqiang to visit the first to participate in the rescue of the injured fighters

Premier Li Keqiang came to Tianjin TEDA Hospital to visit the fire in the 8.12 explosion accident and the general injured people

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When the explosion opened his son, Tianjin Port driver Zhang Hui has lost

Zhang Hui brother-in-law hope that the scene near the explosion of journalists and other good people

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Suspected of China's Indian Army UAV crash Bay control zone manufacturers to respond

And China's Xinjiang large innovation company production

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Han Mei, the first part of the military exercise due to the United States ambassador attack one day ahead of the day

Because the US ambassador to Korea Li Bote was attacked that morning

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Hunan Yanbei prison prisoners gathered in gambling two police officers were arrested

An article entitled "Hunan Yanbei prison two prison area was burst prisoners gathered gambling

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Heilongjiang office official wife at the door to close a million dollars to be sent to the floor too much

The above four bribery cases occurred in the payment of Heilongjiang Province Suifenhe City Mayor, Fuyuan County (now Fuyuan City) county period

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Thieves with the key away 3 million yuan to remove the license plate and GPS

But found that cunning suspects have found a hidden position to remove the GPS positioning device

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Wu Changjiang held 130 million shares of this network this network over 400 million people onlookers

NVC lighting founder Wu Changjiang held by the 130 million shares of BDO Runda stock auction by the Zhuhai City Intermediate People's Court

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Hebei Jinju an illegal processing of dens explosion caused by 5 dead and one injury

Hebei Jinju an illegal processing of dens explosion caused by 5 dead and wound 8 8 am 11 am

Hebei an illegal processing dens explosion caused by five dead two responsible persons were controlled

Led by the municipal leaders were responsible for the treatment of the wounded, on-site disposal, rehabilitation and other work

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A Pakistani market exploded and killed more than 30 people in six people

The injured were transferred to a nearby hospital

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Li Xiaohong, vice mayor of Changsha, Hunan Province, Liu Jian, another appointment

2001.03--2003.03 Hunan Normal University School of Economics and Management Industrial Economics Professional in-service graduate study) 2004.07--2007.12 Changsha City Finance Bureau deputy party secretary, deputy director (during which

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The cold wave will be a natural disaster, please be prepared

21 to 25 in the eastern region from north to south there will be strong winds and strong weather

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