New Jersey train station found bombs exploded when no one casualties

Police evacuate nearby businesses and people
Local time on September 18, 2016, the United States New York Manhattan streets and stations and other public areas to strengthen security measures, can be seen everywhere gun police. New York Manhattan District Chelsea community September 17 explosion, has caused 29 people were injured, the police in the field to investigate. According to foreign media reports, the local time on the 18th, the United States, New Jersey, Elizabeth Railway Station found suspicious package, the train service to stop the nearby businesses evacuated, the police have been successful EOD, no casualties. It was reported that the bomb package was placed in a backpack at the station in Eliza, New Jersey. Police's Hazardous Materials Division and the FBI's demolition team arrived at the site for extinguishment and dispatched EOD robots. When the robot is working, the package explodes and does not cause casualties. The police evacuate nearby businesses and crowds to ensure the safety of the area near the train line. It is reported that two men in the inspection of garbage found this suspicious package and alarm. Local time on the 17th, the United States within two days of two explosions, resulting in dozens of people were injured.

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