Hefei a small secret of the Samsung mobile phone even at home spontaneous combustion

Huainan man Jin a channeling to Hefei an Internet cafes
Early in the morning of a morning, Huainan men Jin went to Hefei, an Internet cafes, taking advantage of the victim fell asleep, stealing his Samsung Note7 phone. When Jinmou ready to sell the phone, the ridiculous scene took place, this Samsung Note7 mobile phone actually burned at home. According to the police survey found that in early September 2016, the suspect Jin from Huainan home to Hefei, has been no fixed work, rented in a hotel. One morning early in the morning, Jin received a message from fellow villagers, said the hotel near an Internet cafes have a personal sleep, the phone on the table, a good steal. Jinmou get the news after the channeling to the Internet cafes, while the victims of the Internet asleep, in the computer table to steal a Samsung Note7 phone a. Jin a confession, would like to sell the phone to earn some money, the results have not come to sell, the phone suddenly in the spontaneous combustion. "I came home to see the phone spontaneous, and no way I can only throw the phone wreckage." Jin in the trial reluctantly said. At present, Jin was suspected of theft by the Yaohai Procuratorate approved the arrest according to law.

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