Mexican diplomats were robbed and wounded in the United States

Mexican Embassy in Houston, United States First Secretary Claudia Velasco in the local robbery
According to the Russian news agency on October 20 news, the Mexican Consulate General in Houston, United States First Secretary Claudia? Velasco was robbed in the local, and was robbed by the robber. The incident took place on the morning of October 19, when Velasco sought help from the Houston police when the robber entered his house. The alarm was suddenly hung up, but the police successfully identified the source of the call and sent the police to the incident. The police arrested the robber who was escaping in the neighborhood after arriving at Villasco. According to the news of the Houston police, the robbers tried to burglary, in the process, Velasco was stabbed by criminals. According to Mexican consulate officials said the current Velasco injury stable, still receiving treatment. The specific circumstances of the incident are still under investigation.

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