Shanghai nearly 70 colleges and universities 450 canteen Nissan food waste hundreds of tons

Daily school canteen 30 barrels of food waste
Morning News reporter Dong Chuanfeng reported nearly 70 colleges and universities in Shanghai, 450 canteen, every day to produce hundreds of tons of food waste, how to recycle? Reporters yesterday from the Shanghai University Logistics Association was informed that some colleges and universities in Shanghai pilot local digestion canteen food waste, the kitchen garbage into organic fertilizer for the campus green. Shanghai Jianqiao College moved to the new campus of Lingang New Town, built in the campus organic waste disposal station. School logistics is responsible for the teacher calculations, every day school cafeteria produce 30 tons of food waste, by the professional garbage cleaning unit to school every day to recover, spend thousands of dollars a day. "After the construction of organic waste disposal station, all the food and garbage can be dealt with in a timely manner, after the garbage has become organic fertilizer for the school's green." Reporters on the scene to see, the staff will "swamp" simple points After picking, pour into a stirring tank. According to reports, there is a stirring tank by a combination of multiple strains of bacteria combined high efficiency Jing Shen thermophilic flora, by the bacteria of their own fermentation with heat to keep the tank to maintain the temperature of 80 ℃ -90 ℃, The use of food waste in the high protein and other bacteria need eutrophic ingredients, so that garbage decomposition, through rapid degradation and transformation, as organic fertilizer. The staff said: "Now swallowed about 3.5 tons of food waste every day, can spit 10% organic fertilizer, there are more than 100 tons of organic fertilizer down." At present, the Shanghai Polytechnic University, Shanghai Health College, Shanghai Customs Institute , Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Foreign Language Vocational College and other colleges and universities are also pilot canteen "swamp" on the spot to deal with.

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